Reebok Fusion LW DMX £59.99

Weight 286g
Evaluation Reebok hasn’t been changing many of its shoes much lately – which is good news when it comes to models like the Fusion LW. The chances are that you recognise it: except for its colour, it’s identical in many ways to the old 3D Flier, which was an amazingly cushioned and stable trainer that weighed in like a racing shoe.
The Fusion LW keeps the smooth-riding one-piece midsole and outsole unit, with its huge medial flare for stability, and just adds a thin cushioning airbag to the top of the midsole, for a squashier underfoot feel. It also adds slightly heavier overlays to the upper, which still feels a bit cheap but now has a more defined fit. The good news is that Reebok has dropped the shoe’s price by £10; the bad news is that the changes make the Fusion 40g heavier than its predecessor. That makes it simply a very good shoe, rather than an extraordinary one.
In short A good heavy runner’s racing shoe or lighter runner’s fast-paced trainer, the Fusion LW is heavier than before but still packs an amazing amount of cushioning and stability for its weight.
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