Reebok Miramar II DMX6 £69.99

Weight 429g
Evaluation Reebok’s latest six-pod DMX shoe tips the scales well over 400g, which is heavy for a straightforward cushioned shoe, but Reebok has softened the system of moving-air chambers to make iy feel less heavy than it is (and lighter than it looks).
The Miramar’s predecessors were protective shoes that were best saved for long, slow runs. Testers tended to wear them dutifully until the official test period had ended, but not often after that. Now Reebok has expanded three of the shoe’s six air chambers sideways, and exposed them at the edges of the midsole, which allows them to compress better, and gives a softer, smoother ride. It is still best for heavier runners, but the improved ride now also makes it an option for other runners who want a lot of shoe beneath them. (One caveat: you need to make sure the shoe fits so that the front cushioning pad sits properly beneath the ball of your foot.)
In short We’ve yet to see a straightforward DMX shoe that really excites us, but the latest version of the DMX6 at least ranks alongside other brands’ good heavier shoes for wearability.
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