Ryka Perpetua £79.99

Weight 368g
Evaluation The women-only Ryka brand appeared in the UK in 2001, and the Perpetua completed the trio of models that maked up its initial range. Unusually for a modest brand whose main focus is on fit, Ryka has packed the Perpetua with technology – including rear- and forefoot cushioning pads and deep flex grooves.
Stability is even more of an issue for women runners than it is for men, and along with a slender-heeled fit, that’s the key to the Perpetua. The shoe has a long medial post with a firm plastic midfoot shank that wraps under and around the shoe, plus a firm, snug-fitting heel cup and a tough external heel counter.
The Perpetua rides more firmly than some stability shoes, which makes it a better option for moderate to heavy runners than for light ones, and helps with durability. Our only query over the shoe relates to its slightly convex outsole in the forefoot, which allows the foot to roll inwards. In our view, this doesn’t make it the best option for runners who have been diagnosed with forefoot overpronation.
In short If you’re a mid-to heavyweight woman who overpronates in the rearfoot, the stable, durable Perpetua is aimed at you.
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