Ryka Veritas £69.99

Weight 351g
Evaluation Like the Stability KM3, the Veritas gained a positive test report for the women-only Ryka brand. Our weartesters appreciated the fit (roomy in the forefoot, but amply snug enough in the midfoot and heel to prevent the foot from slipping). They also found that the cushioning struck a nice balance between softness and support, and that the shoe moved very smoothly from heel to toe as they ran.
The Veritas isn’t designed to offer such extreme anti-pronation control as the Stability KM3, but it was still noticeably stable. It has a long, straightforward second-density medial post, and the upper is supportive, especially around the heel.
In short The Veritas is good news for women who want a smooth, stable day-in, day-out shoe. It concentrates on getting the essentials right, rather than blinding you with bells and whistles.
Try it on if you liked Asics GT-2060 (£70); Nike Air Pegasus (£60); recent women-specific shoes from Adidas and Nike