Saucony 3D GRID Hurricane 5 £89.99

Weight 408g
Evaluation We’ve long been fans of the Hurricane, and the fifth version of the shoe doesn’t change that. There are only a few key changes from the previous model, and none detract from the smooth, stable feel of the Hurricane.
The medial post is smaller, and doesn’t extend as far into the midfoot as in the previous model. The cushioning has changed as well – Saucony has changed to 30º GRID in the rearfoot. This means that the GRID ‘strings’ showing through the midsole on the lateral side are angled at 30º to aid the foot through the gait cycle. Also, the shoes now have an Arch Lock – an upper material that extends over the outside of the midsole to better support the midfoot.
There is also shock-absorbing HRC (High Rebound Compound) in the forefoot – visible through holes in the new, deep flex groove – for extra cushioning.
The Hurricane has put on a little weight (15g), but this didn’t bother weartesters. They noted that the 30º GRID improved rearfoot cushioning, and that the upper was roomier, but more supportive. The stability was as well received as ever.
In short The tweaks have simply enhanced an already excellent shoe. It is smooth, stable and has the renowned durability of all Saucony shoes. And while it isn’t a light shoe, lighter runners shouldn’t discount it.
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