Saucony GRID Jazz GTO £59.99

This model may still be available on clearance. But we've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Weight 356g
Evaluation Saucony’s Jazz name is synonymous with nicely-fitting, straightforward cushioning shoes. There are traditionally two models in the range: the £50 model is now called the Jazz 6000; the £60 option has the addition of Saucony’s latticed GRID in the rearfoot for more resilient cushioning, and for the last few years has been firmer and more durable.
The all-new GRID Jazz GTO takes over the £60 slot from the GRID Jazz Euro, and its emphasis goes back to a soft feel. Testers were mixed as to whether it was an improvement. The softness makes for a relatively insubstantial shoe in the forefoot, despite the addition of some of Saucony’s GTO cushioning material, and the fully-looped lacing system and tapered shape made for a slightly pinched forefoot fit on some testers. But on the positive side, the Jazz GTO was smooth, light and flexible and the lugged grip was good both on road and light trails.
In short If you like the soft feel of the Jazz 6000 but want a more resilient rearfoot, the Jazz GTO is your shoe. It’s good for most neutral runners, but is less suited to heavier runners and forefoot strikers than its predecessor, the GRID Jazz Euro.
Try it if you liked Saucony Jazz 6000 (£50); Saucony GRID Jazz i/GRID Jazz Euro (£60); Nike Air Arma/Imara (£60)