Saucony GRID Stabil MC £75

Weight 368g
Evaluation Traditionally motion control shoes have tended to be heavy, brick-like creatures best suited to big guys. But not all runners who need bags of stability want a heavy shoe.
Saucony’s GRID Stabil is lighter than many motion control shoes while still retaining plenty of support, making it a good choice for the stability-oriented, lighter runner. At 368g the fourth incarnation, the GRID Stabil MC is comparable in weight to some stability shoes, but as supportive as a traditional motion control model.
Saucony has completely revamped the Stabil, so it’s quite different to the previous model. There’s a medial arch lock that tightens up the midfoot for a more secure, comfortable feel. In the MC’s forefoot, Saucony has added a plastic wave-like device called GRID Return that provides extra control and, it’s claimed, energy return. There’s also a third midsole density – a small post under the big toe.
The most noticeable difference is the extra posting in the heel, enhanced further by a cushioning GRID with more tightly packed, firmer ‘strings’ on the medial side, resulting in a more stable rearfoot.
It’s a stable shoe but, and this is one of the real plusses, it’s also incredibly smooth.
In short Extremely stable for its weight, with a great fit and a smooth ride, the GRID Stabil MC has a broader appeal than many motion control shoes. Lighter, stability-oriented runners usually put off by the weight of an MC shoe should try it, but heavier runners should have a look too.
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