Teva Wraptor 2 £75

Weight 459g
Evaluation The original Teva Wraptor really grew on you. A genuine running sandal, it was great for holidays because you could wear it to the beach, and then strap it up a bit more securely and run for an hour or two quite comfortably. It had a real running-shoe midsole, and a clever, highly adjustable strapping system that was particularly snug around the midfoot. You wouldn’t exactly race in it, but you could quite easily forget that you weren’t wearing a running shoe.
Not so with its replacement. It has been bulked up with a ridiculously thick outsole, which stiffens the sandal and makes it heavier than the beefiest motion control shoe. It’s still runnable – the upper is much the same, for instance – but if you wanted to do more than a few token runs you’d definitely opt for a proper pair of running shoes.
In short It’s hard to imagine what kind of feedback caused Teva to turn an innovative running sandal into an open-toed brick. It certainly couldn’t have been feedback from anyone who used it for running.
Try it on if you liked Teva Wraptor (£90)