Are you… Average???

Here it is: it's you! (Or rather, 69,847 of you, and still growing by 1000 a week.)

This is what the typical member is like - it's a picture drawn from the profile pages that almost exactly half of you fill in.

And if this doesn't make you feel less alone, then nothing will! Are you a beginner? Then it's time you met the other 18,508 (or 26.5%) of members who are too. A 10K runner? Then squeeze onto the start line along with the other 20,695 members who rate it as their favourite distance... (35.7% of racers). And surely you haven't been injured in the last 12 months? Never fear: you can swap recovery tips with a whopping 39,113 fellow hobblers (56%!)

If you haven't filled in your details, do it now!

Meanwhile, it's not entirely sugar and spice and all things nice, but here's what Runnersworld members are made of...

I am a...  
Beginner 26.5%
Regular recreational runner 62.9%
Serious competitive runner 10.6%
I have been running for...  
Under 1 year 28.1%
1-3 years 25.7%
3-5 years 13.5%
5-10 years 11.8%
Over 10 years 20.9%
I run this many times a week...  
1-3 times 57.2%
4-6 times 38.0%
Every day 2.2%
I don't 2.5%
My weekly mileage is about...  
20 or less 55.2%
21-30 29.4%
31-50 13.3%
Over 50 2.0%
I do these types of running...  
Road / Pavement 44.2%
Trail / Grass / Woodland 26.7%
Athletics Track 5.7%
Treadmill 20.6%
Fell 2.7%
My most important reason for running is...  
to get/stay in shape 49.2%
to feel better about myself 19.0%
to lose/maintain weight 12.8%
to be competitive in races 9.4%
to relieve stress 5.0%
to train for another sport 4.5%


My favourite races are...  
10K 35.7%
Half-marathon 27.0%
5K 14.5%
Marathon 10.5%
Cross-country 4.1%
Triathlon 3.4%
Trail races 2.4%
Fell 1.0%
Adventure 1.0%
Ultra 0.4%
I take part in races...  
Never 17.1%
1-11 times a year 71.2%
12-24 times a year 9.3%
25-52 times a year 2.3%
More than once a week 0.1%
I also do these sports...  
Gym 20.3%
Swimming 17.5%
Walking (hill walking) 13.4%
Road cycling 12.2%
Gym (classes) 10.9%
Mountain biking 9.3%


I have run for charity in the last 12 months...  
No 62.1%
Yes 37.9%
I have been injured in the last 12 months...  
Yes 56.0%
No 44.0%
It was (or if I was really unlucky, they were)...  
Foot problem 9.6%
Calf tear 3.7%
Shin splints 5.7%
Knee problem 14.7%
Hamstring problem 3.9%
Back problem 7.9%

(NB: If any figures look odd, bear in mind that the percentages are proportions of respondants to each individual question; and that not all answers have been shown)