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In a nutshell

Our 1400-article archive covers training, racing, injuries and health, shoe and gear reviews and buying advice. Our one aim: that the most nervous beginner and the zippiest racer alike will be able to find a useful answer to almost any running question.

Most of the articles come from back issues of the UK edition of Runner's World magazine; some are written especially for the web; and a few are from books from the publishers of Runner's World.

About a quarter of the best articles are reserved for RW magazine subscribers. These are marked with an logo.

How to make the most of it

Our articles are divided into nine main sections:

• Beginners (including how to start running, common questions, first schedules)
• Racing (schedules for all distances, building up to a race, race day itself)
• General (training basics, speedwork, hillwork and other elements, motivation, heart-rate monitoring, Mike Gratton's 'hard training' section)

• Beating Injury (how to diagnose it, how to avoid it, best stretches, back care)
• Nutrition for runners (including weight loss, eating and drinking on the run, balanced diets, vitamins and supplements)
• Staying healthy (including pregnancy, balancing running and life)

• Shoes (including how to choose a shoe, reviews of all past and present models)
• Kit (how to choose a watch, heart rate monitor, baby stroller, summer kit, winter kit and more)

• Event editorial (including readers' and RW's best races of the year, best foreign races)

Click on the Training, Health, Gear or Events tabs at the top of every page, scroll down if necessary, and you'll see the latest three articles in each section, a selection of quick links to the most popular articles in each section, and a 'see all articles' link for the section.

Also: BIG Indexes
One of the best places to see what's on offer is our collection of BIG indexes: beginners, race training, marathons, weight loss and women's running. They're accessible from pods on the left-hand side of the articles and forum pages.

Also: Q&As
Each month, Runner's World magazine experts answer real-life questions about training and injury. We've archived more than 130 of them for your reading pleasure.

Scroll to the bottom!
Scroll to the bottom of an article and you'll find two neat sections:

  1. 'Related articles' - a selection of articles on similar themes
  2. 'Start a discussion' - a criminally underused way to bring any article alive in the site's forum. If you agree with it, disagree, or just want to find out more about people's real-life experiences, click the link, type your message, and it will appear in the main forums with a link back to the article at the top of the discussion.

There's also a rudimentary search function across each section. If you don't find what you want, the 'advanced search' option it gives you looks across all sections at once.

Do say

I can't believe what this review said about the Asics GT-2090. What does anyone else think?

Don't say

Ooh, I never look at those RW articles. They're for real runners only...