Have your say in the Runnersworld.co.uk survey

RW Survey

Runnersworld.co.uk is going from strength to strength, and we’re very proud of it – but we think it could be even better. And we need your help in getting there.

We’ve put together a quick survey to find out what you love about the site – and what you don’t. What needs tweaking? What needs ditching, and what should we leave well alone?

Spend a few minutes answering our questions, and there could be a lot more in it for you than a new improved Runner’s World website. We’ve got a £200 Saucony voucher and five £80 Saucony vouchers to give away to survey respondents. And we’re not just handing them out willy-nilly: the prizes will be awarded for the most useful feedback.

So get your thinking caps on!

Best wishes,

The RW team