New Members’ Pages!

(First of all, if you're not a member of the site yet, you're missing out on all this. Sign up free here!)

Members: If you rummage in your members' pages today, you'll notice that things aren't quite as they were. (These are the pages you get to by clicking the links in your members' pod in the top left of the screen.)

We've been laying some new programming foundations, and while we were there, we gave the members' pages a good spring-clean. (We also made one or two changes to the forums). Here's what you might find. Let us know what you think?

The bigger things

All your member pages
The navigation has changed to - hopefully - add clarity, make pages load faster, and allow us to add features more easily in the future.

My Profile/My Public Profile
The first page you see here previews and controls what other members can see about you. As before, it's up to you whether you tell other people a bit about you and your running. If you choose to do so, other people can see it when they click on your name from your forum posts.

We've also fixed the fact that your 'more about me' notes didn't show up on your public profile before. Oops.

It's also easier to add or change your photo to your profile - you can do it from your member pod as well as your profile page.

My Forum
This now shows your previous forum posts: before, it just showed your forum settings. If other members click your name from the forum, they'll be able to see your previous posts on this page.

My Newsletters
Two provisions for the near future: you can say whether you'd like a roundup of upcoming local races as well as the 'what's new' email we send now. You can also say whether you'd prefer HTML (colour and pictures) emails or plain text emails. We'll remind you about this when we're ready to roll with them. We've set your defaults to 'both newsletters' and 'text emails'.

My Articles
If you've had articles published on the site, they be listed here. Like your forum posts page, this page is shared with other readers. It looks like this

There's also a shiny new link called All My Pages in your member pod. It goes to, er, a simpler version of this page.

The smaller things

My Details
We allow three lines of address before your town, rather than one. This makes us more industry standard, and helps race organisers and subscriptions.

My Details
You have the option of storing your full phone number on your details page, so you don't have to type it each time you enter a race online. You have our assurance that we won't be calling you up to sell you things.

My Details
You can also store your club name, so again you don't have to type it each time you enter a race online.

My Details
You can choose separately whether you're happy for Runner's World to contact you by post and/or email (or neither). Previously, the post/email preference was as one. The same applies when you choose whether you'd like contact from other companies and running organisations.

Runner's World magazine subscribers can now sign up from scratch with just their surname and subs number - no becoming a member first, then having to add it.

We've also removed the telephone area code cross-check from signup. This makes signup easier.

The forums

You can now see 40 thread titles at a time and 20 posts. This is an experiment! We've also done some work on the New icons for unread messages, but it's not 100% there yet...

Enjoy! And as we said, do let us know what you think.