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Runner's World Complete Guide to Nutrition

Runner's World Complete Guide To Nutrition – your helping hand in the kitchen.

The Runner’s World Complete Guide to Nutrition will lead you through every aspect of nutrition for runners, from setting weight loss goals to preparing for a marathon, via the principles of healthy eating, what to keep in your ‘runner’s larder’ and easy food swaps to super-charge your diet. There’s also 109 foolproof recipes designed especially for runners – including delicious meals from renowned chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Michel Roux Jr.

Whatever your goals, this 292-page book will help you look after your body better. With advice from the experts at Runner’s World, you can lose weight, boost your mood and keep your energy levels on an even keel. It’ll improve your health for the rest of your life.

All this brought to you by a team of passionate runners with a wealth of nutrition knowledge and experience - the Runner's World team.

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Runner's World Complete Guide to Women's Running

...the essential guide for women everywhere.

Running is a simple sport, but it's not always easy to take the first steps towards a new you, so we've put together this guide to help you become the runner you want to be. The Runner's World Complete Guide to Women's Running is packed with expert training advice, proven weight-loss strategies, can't-fail motivation tips and inspirational real–life success stories.
This book will empower you to challenge your physical and mental limits and have fun as you work towards your running goals, whether that's to get in shape, finish a your first 5K or run a marathon.
With chapters on training, health, nutrition, weight loss, running and pregnancy, motivation, cross-training and racing, the Runner's World Complete Guide to Women's Running will help you to discover the power of running.

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Runner's World Coach

Got a question? Coach has the answer. This beginner's introduction to running will answer all your burning questions:

- Training plans

- Weight loss and nutrition strategies

- Your first race

- Avoiding injury

- The best running kit

- Time management and motivation tips

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Men's Health Muscle Manual

Working out should be tough. If you're not pushing yourself then nobody else will. But getting a better body doesn't have to be hard. Going to the gym should be challenging, certainly. It's the only way to guarantee yourself muscluar gains. But burning fat and building muscle definitely shouldn't be confusing.

Getting the physique you've always wanted can be easy and straightforward. This illustrated manual offers a myriad of exercises for you to use to sculpt your ideal body.

Featuring warm-downs, circuit plans and enough workout variations to keep your muscles guessing, this guide will meet your needs whether you go to the gym, work out in your garage or prefer to keep to bodyweight exercises.

MH Muscle Manual also includes nutrition tips, cardio advice and pre- and post-workout meal plans to make your quick muscle wins that little bit simpler.

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Men's Health Nutrition Manual

The experts at Men's Health have a golden rule: a good body requires 30% perspiration, 70% nutrition. It's worth remembering whether you're after cover-model perfection or aiming to lose a few kilos.

Food is the fuel to fight fat, build muscle, feed your brain, increase performance and preserve your organs. Use it to full effect and you'll be able to take on anything.

The main objective when creating the MH Nutrition Manual was to wrestle the subject of good nutrition off of the scientists and present it to you in a way that's as enjoyable as it is useful. Within the book you'll find:

  • Recipes for weight-loss and muscle-building
  • How to keep eating the foods you love
  • Top tips from the UK's best chefs
  • Performance foods to fuel your workout

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Men's Health Fat-Burning Manual

You've finally made the decision to banish your belly for good, but what do you do next? Well, get your hands on this manual, for a start, and we'll show you how to use quick and easy lifestyle tweaks to embark on the road towards a flab-free existence.

MH don't believe in fad diets. In fact, they don't do dieting full stop. Instead, they believe in eating the right food to fuel the most effective fat-burning workouts and exercises. This way you'll manage to shift the fat for good – and build up muscle to boot.

Within this manual you'll find:

• Tips to get yourself started
• Nutrition advice and daily eating plans
• Cardio workouts to maximise fat loss
• The science of weight loss
• Gut-busting weights exercises and circuits
• Advice to achieve long-term success

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Men's Health Fitness Manual

The team at Men's Health want you to feel happier, be less stressed, perform more effectively and live for longer. Which is why they've produced this guide, packed full of 1,295 tips from Men's Health experts.

Whether your goals are to build muscle, burn fat or simply improve your standard of health, this guide is essential. Inside this comprenhensive manual you'll find:

• Warm-ups to build endurance
• Specific sports-related workouts
• Easy-to-follow training programmes for all levels
• A range of challenges
• Advice to help you steer clear of injury
• A definitive guide to your anatomy

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The New Abs Diet

The New Abs Diet is the easy way to transform your body. Drawing on cutting-edge research, author Dave Zinczenco and the editors of Men’s Health have created a new weight-loss system that uses the power of food to fight cravings and burn fat.

It’s the only plan that encourages you to eat more of the foods you love. No more diets of denial. Just incorporate two or more of the 12 Powerfoods into every meal and you’ll build muscle, burn calories and reveal your abs in just six weeks.

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Runner's World Training Diary

Designed by the experts at Runner's World, the leading authority on running, this diary has the power to take your training to a whole new level.

The Runner's World Training Diary has the framework to enable you to track 12 months' of runs, with space for recording daily routes, mileages, times and notes. It also has the latest tips, advice and motivation from the pros, as well as a weekly dose of information on training, nutrition and injury prevention.

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Eat this, Not That!

Eat This, Not That! contains hundreds of surprising food swaps that allow you to eat at your favourite restaurants and enjoy your usual supermarket meals, while cutting thousands of calories from your weekly intake. So you can lose weight, without missing out on the foods you love, or meals out with friends and family.
It's packed with over 100 pages of surprising swaps at all your favourite restaurants and food shops, plus menu decoders for every popular type of cuisine from bar food to sushi, in-depth analysis of the food industry, advice on how to beat marketing tricks on food labels, ways to get children to eat healthily and 24 recipes to cut calories and save cash.
Eat This, Not That! is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to know more about what they are eating and learn how to make choices that will change their bodies for good. Read this and you’ll soon find that picking healthier options, wherever you are eating, is second nature.

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Beat Any Injury

Whether you’ve got a pain you want to fix now, have been injured in the past, or just worry about picking up a knock that will derail your fitness plan, this new Men’s Health in association with Runner’s World book is for you. Beat Any Injury is your complete guide to safe, effective, do-it-yourself treatments that will fix you up, whether you’re suffering from a sprain, a strain, a knock or a pull – as well as providing workouts that will strengthen your body so you’re less likely to ever get injured in the first place.

All the information is broken down into easy-to-follow strategies for smart self-treatment – while also letting you know, in no uncertain terms, when you should go to see your own doctor.

Author Jordan Metzl isn’t just a doctor. He’s also an athlete, having completed 29 marathons and nine Ironman triathlons. He understands what it takes to get you back in your game as quickly and safely as possible.

This comprehensive reference manual also features:

• Detailed anatomical illustrations of each injury, with what it feels like, how it happens and how you can fix it

• The secret system of the body that can help boost your performance and prevent injury

• All you need to know about head injuries

• The Iron Strength Workouts: five intense, total-body exercise routines for all fitness levels, designed to help you build an injury-proof body

• A full breakdown of sporting ailments from athlete’s foot to swimmer’s ear and the best ways to beat them

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