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What we offer? A free membership system that gives you optional newsletters and recognises you when you visit the site; a hugely enhanced race diary, tons more archived articles and bonuses for our magazine subscribers. And a brand-spanking-new look, of course.

But enough of the preamble – here’s a run through the site:

1. Members

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You can browse the site anonymously, but take 30 seconds to sign up and it really opens up to you. Members get to see full race listings use the forums, enter competitions and get free optional newsletters packed full with articles and local races. You get personalised information, too – not least the option of searching for races within easy reach of your home.

2. Events

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You can search for any UK race by date, distance, keyword, area, race type, and even the distance from your home, read over 59,00 reader race reviews – AND enter over 25% of races online through our secure credit-card system. Normal users get to see two months ahead while if you subscribe to the magazine you can search almost endlessly ahead. And if you’re a race organiser you can submit and edit your own details.

3. Forums

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This is where the buzz is! With over 4,000 posts a day and neatly arranged topics for you to dip into, it’s the ideal place to ask questions offer advice, plan races or just stop in for a chat with a bright and friendly community of runners. If you want you can upload a picture of yourself and write a short personal profile for others to see.

4. Archive

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Hundreds of columns, features and reviews in our friendly authoritative style. Whether you’re looking for a complete beginner’s guide, training schedules, advice on choosing a race, injury help and over 500 shoe reviews, they’re just a click away.

They’re divided into three main sections, and each section page previews the latest articles in its sub-sections. It also shows permanent links to some of the most popular articles in those sections. You can see all of the articles in these training sections by clicking on the section names in the dark-blue strip at the top of the page, or on the 'All articles' links.
These are the three main archive sections:

    Here's where we keep beginner-friendly training information, plus schedules, and dozens of other training articles, including 'how-to' guides to heart-rate monitoring, speedwork, long runs and more.

    Here's where we keep injury-related articles (including stretching); nutrition advice (including sports drinks and eating on the run); and articles about staying healthy as a runner, both physically and mentally.

    This is home to our beginners’ buying guides, hundreds of Runner’s World tests and thousands of reader product reviews. There's also kit-buying advice, equipping you with everything from choosing the right shoe to watches and heart-rate monitors and baby strollers, clothing and treadmills.

We also have some great articles archived in our Events section, including such choice reads as, The World's Best Marathons, our UK Marathon Calendar and our renowned Top 100 Races of The Year.

As well as navigating by tabs, you can use our 'search' function, too, which can hunt for articles by section or across the whole site.

5. Subscriber benefits

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