Your New Look

Here at, we’re excited to bring you news of some important site developments scheduled for next month. 

Many of these changes have been driven by ongoing user feedback so we hope you’ll agree that they’ll make an even more exciting and informative site to use.

What Will Be Changing

As well as giving the site a design spruce-up, we’ll be introducing some new channels and categories - Triathlon, Motivation and Weight Loss for example – to make it easier for you to find relevant articles. 

We’ll also have a whole set of new article templates to play with, so you can expect in the weeks to come…

  • more picture-led articles, including slideshows
  • better keyword tagging to help you find content easily
  • quick talkback options for commenting on articles

In addition, here are some of the other new features:

Triathlete’s World Channel
To complement our sister magazine, Triathlete’s World, we will be launching a new triathlon channel packed with news, features, event listings and gear reviews. The triathlon forum won’t be moving – you’ll still be able to chat on your favourite threads and move seamlessly between folders on RW and TW.

Gear Section
After a much-needed revamp, our Gear section will now include better specs (and images) for top products and you’ll also be able to rate (and compare) products by more discerning criteria.  New products and categories will follow so do let us know what you’d like to see featured.

Personal Inbox
Keep track of all your correspondence with other site users from your personal inbox. You’ll be able to send, receive and store messages from other users, and opt to be notified of new messages on your personal email if you so wish.

Also Coming Soon...

Routes Plot and share your favourite running and race routes, search for recommended routes near your home (or further afield) and download files to a GPS unit.

Editor’s Blog As well as our usual, regular dose of expert training features, we’ll also be introducing an Editor’s blog to bring you more up-to-date news in a bite-sized format.

When The Changes Will Take Place

You’ll see the first changes on Tuesday, December 1. There will be around an hour of downtime while we put the final touches on the new site – we’ll post an announcement in the forums on Monday to confirm when this will be.

Once the new site has gone live, if your layout looks wrong or components of the page are missing, the most common reason is that your browser is caching (storing) old elements of the page. To refresh these, press shift-F5 or shift-refresh on a PC; or Apple-shift-R (Firefox) or apple-option-E (Safari) on a Mac. You can also clear your cache completely (though this is not essential and some office systems prevent this). You do not need to clear your cookies.

Get In Touch

Of course, we want to hear all your feedback (positive and negative) about the new site. We’ll start a forum thread on Tuesday for you to post your comments (and to discuss any unforeseen trouble-shooting) or, alternatively, please do drop us a line with your thoughts.