26 fascinating London Marathon 2014 facts

  1. The London Marathon is the Guinness World Record's largest annual fundraising event in the world. Since its launch runners have raised more than £500m for charity.
  2. The highest amount raised by a single runner was £2,330,159.38 by Steve Chalke in 2011.
  3. 2011 was the most successful year to date, with funds reaching a cool £51.8 million.
  4. A total of 888,552 runners have completed the London Marathon since its launch.
  5. The London Marathon is shown on television in 196 countries around the world, so remember to smile at the cameras.
  6. 125,000 people applied to run this year's London Marathon. Around 36,000 are expected to start.
  7. Keep an eye out for future Olympians at the Virgin Money Giving Mini Marathon, held before the main race. Mo Farah won it three times in a row from 1998 to 2000.
  8. Emmanuel Mutai of Kenya holds the men's course record of 2:04:40.
  9. Paula Radcliffe holds the women's (and the world) record with 2:15:25, set in 2005.
  10. The fastest female wheelchair athlete was Tatyana McFadden (USA) coming in at 1:46:02 in 2013.
  11. The fastest male wheelchair athlete was Kurt Fearnley (Australia) coming in at 1:28:57 in 2009.
  12. The fastest MP was Matthew Parris, who ran a crowd pleasing 2:32:57 in 1985.
  13. The fastest celebrity was Nell McAndrew who ran a bootylicious 2:54:39 in 2012.
  14. The oldest male runner is 89-year-old Paul Freedman, born on 15 Dec, 1924.
  15.  The oldest female runner is 86-year-old Iva Barr, born on 23 October 1927.
  16. The youngest male runner is Thomas Jarvis, who turns 18 on 11 April.
  17. The youngest female runner is Georgina Elizabeth Goddard, who turns 18 on 5 April.
  18. 180 runners will celebrate their birthday on the day.
  19. The hottest marathon day was in 2007 when temperatures peaked at 21.7°C.
  20. The coldest race day was a chilly 7.6°C in 1994.
  21. The most common occupation for people running this year's race is teaching, with 1,408 educators hoping to teach the finish line a lesson. 309 scientists, 526 nurses, 47 taxi drivers, seven politicians and one female electrician will also be taking on 26.2 miles across London.
  22. There will be over 100 official Guinness World Record attempts during the marathon, ranging from the fastest marathon carrying a household appliance, to the fastest marathon dressed as a phone box.
  23. There will be 1,200 St John Ambulance volunteers at this year’s race, including 30 cycle response specialists.
  24. There will be 250 tubs of petroleum jelly, 200 bottles of baby oil and 2,000 plasters available on the route.
  25. 15 runners known as the Everpresents have completed every single London Marathon in the race's 33-year history and will no doubt be out in full force on April 13.
  26. There are 23 water stations and 80 pubs along the course. At mile 10.5 the route passes within 300 yards of the Mayflower Pub, which was the spot where the Pilgrim Fathers met for a quick pint before they sailed to America.