A Tale Of Two Steves

Four years ago, Steve Lloyd - January's new member of the month - weighed 31 stone and 3 pounds. Needless to say he was unfit, his diet unhealthy to the extreme. He’s now down to 16 stone and as the pictures show, the transformation has been exceptional.

"I can't put a finger on what really started me off on my yellow brick road," claims Steve. "So many things come to mind ... the disgusted stares, the sarcastic (and quite hurtful) comments, the ill health (although I very rarely saw a doctor), the constant back pain... the list is positively endless."

After setting himself the goal of losing weight, Steve joined a slimming club. He set realistic targets, and above all, made sure that he stuck to them.

"I found it easier to break up my weight loss aims into more manageable mini-targets. That way you're not focussing on the big picture, just a small section of the jigsaw."

Hitting The Road
Last May, Steve joined a gym, with the aim of getting fitter and progressing his weight loss even further. He’d typically spend his time on the treadmills and rowing machines, and used weights.

"I then started to run. It was cheap, easy and anyone could do it. I just fell into it, really! I had to make some conscious decisions to change, but I’m enjoying myself a lot more. I’ve got so much energy I don’t know what to do with it."

Of course, Steve took things steady to begin with, going out and doing some short walk-run sessions. He’s currently on a programme that will get him ready for the Great North Run in September.

"I’m exercising about three or four times a week, either in the gym or out on the road getting ready for my big goal. I’m running three and a half miles at a time, each week adding a bit more distance to my programme. The Lincoln 10K (April) is my first race and it will give me a great indication as to how things are going."

Internet Buddies
A frequent browser of the web, Steve joined the website simply to find out more information about training and to seek some friendly advice from others. He’s a regular in the forums (every day, actually).

"The information on health issues, training and injuries is great. But I spend most of my time in the forums. They’re addictive! The encouragement that you can get from others is what really helps to spur you on. It makes a massive difference."

Looking To The Future
But in true Runner’s World fashion, Steve won’t be resting on his laurels for too long. After his half-marathon in September, he's aiming even higher for 2005.

"Once I lost all that weight, I treated myself to a holiday, as a way of a reward. I’ll be doing the same after the GNR. After that it’ll be back in training, preparing for my next goal. A marathon!"

See Steve's page on this site, including his forum posts.