ASICS Super Six First Training Day: Gallery

It's stretch time with ASICS PRO Team physiotherapist Sarah Connors before the scheduled Sunday long run. 

Sarah's star stretch - the hip flexor  - gets the runners ready for action.

Our Sub-4:00 challenger Alexandra_S gets some stretching help from Sarah. 

Our Sub-3:00 challenger peter thompson 14 on a lap around Birmingham University's athletics track. 

Smiling as he trains, it's our Sub-5:00 challenger Mustkeeptrying

Alex braves the long run after her recent ITB injury. 

Bouncing back from hamstring worries, our Sub-4:15 challenger Ultra Sparkly Bridget, takes the long run nice and steady.

Meet our Sub-3:15 challenger UpsyDaisy

ASICS PRO Team coach Bud Baldaro gives his runners advice during the 10-15 mile route. 

After the run, it's straight over to Sarah for some injury prevention advice. 

It's Alex's turn for a biomechanic check with ASICS PRO Team podiatrist Clifton Bradeley

Alex is given orthotics to help with her ITB injury.

Clifton examines the wear patterns on Peter's trainers. 

After a successful day, the runners quiz ASICS long-distance runner Michelle Ross-Cope for training tips.