ASICS Target 26.2: Busy Lifestyle

Busy Lifestyle - Melanie

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  • Target: A sub 4.30, although to complete and enjoy the marathon would be my ultimate target.
  • Marathon PB: I haven’t completed a marathon yet. Although I did my first half marathon in November 2012 with a time of 2.06
  • Coach: Sam Murphy
  • Training schedule: See Mel's training plan here.

Strengths: "I’m stubborn and wont give up!"

Weaknesses: "I’m stubborn and wont give up!"

About me: "I am full of motivation and enthusiasm! Anything can be achieved; you just have to have the will and self-belief to make it happen. I started running very badly a couple of years ago with my husband who was a keen runner. He became unwell but continued running throughout his illness; I couldn’t let him run alone. After months of grumbling, I finally realised I wasn’t just running for him, but I loved it, it became an important part of us. It gave us strength and determination to fight his illness. We ran a 10k race together in September and were adamant we would complete it in under the hour: we did it in 58.12. He sadly died three days later. Every time I put on my running shoes, I am running for him, for us and for my future without him. Running has given me the strength to go on when the days have been dark, and I have felt so alone. In the ten weeks that he has been gone, I have completed my first half marathon and to run the Paris Marathon in April will be the most amazing achievement  - I know it will make Martin so proud. I'll take him every step of the way."

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