ASICS Target 26.2 Gallery: Training Day 2

Coaches Sam Murphy and Steve Smythe catch up with their spring marathon contenders.

Your turn: Catch up with exclusive marathon advice from Sam Murphy and Steve Smythe's training podcasts.

Rosie, Colin and Emma chat about about marathon nutrition with ASICS PRO Team dietitian Ruth McKean.

Meanwhile Lee and Craig get to grips with race-day tactics with psychologist Dr Victor Thompson.

Your turn: Catch up with Ruth McKean's exclusive marathon nutrition podcast or join our live forum webchat with Ruth this Friday (March 16) from 1-2pm.

Sam Murphy catches up with Craig, Rosie and Emma.

Your turn: Follow Craig, Rosie and Emma's training on their forum threads - and post your questions to Sam Murphy.

Coach Steve Smythe catches up with Lee and Colin.

Your turn: Follow Lee and Colin's progress on their forum threads - or post your training questions to Steve.

Stretch! Our spring marathon contenders have clearly been listening to tips from PRO Team physio Sarah Connors.

Your turn: Discover the essential marathon stretches with Sarah Connor's quick videos. Stretch your hamstrings, gluteal, hip flexor and calves.