Behind Every Great Runner

We were delighted today to watch videos saluting Jess Ennis’ mum Alison and Chris Hoys’s mum Carol.

We always laud the athletes who achieve – and rightly so – but rarely do we hear the stories of the family and friends who played their part in each medal. Hearing how Chris’ mum made him ‘BMX go-faster burgers’ as a child and how Jess’ mum was there to comfort her through injury problems in 2008, is proof success isn’t down to physiology and determination alone. A good support network to back you up through the good and bad is just as vital.

So, we’re paying tribute to all the non-runners out there, to the patient supporters who listen to us moaning about injuries, make us stodgy meals after long runs and who roll out of bed at 7am on a Saturday morning just to accompany us to races. Up there with our trainers and trusty watches, you make us the runners we are.