Best reader running tips

Hi guys, we're putting together a feature for an upcoming issue of RW which we hope you can contribute to.

The working title is 101 Quickest Running Tips

It's a composite list feature full of old and (hopefully mostly) new wisdom to make your running better. The 'quickest' bit is twofold. It refers not only to tips which can make you faster but also which are quick in their delivery and easy for the reader to do.

  • For example: 'while brushing your teeth do 20 one-legged squats on each leg. This will strengthen your glutes, fire up your posterior chain and improve your form.'
  • Or it could be a series of 3 exercises which can be easily illustrated by us.
  • Or a 5 minute recovery recipe
  • Or a mental motivation tip for when you hit the wall.
  • Or '10 things to eat while marathon tapering'
  • Whatever- we're sure you get the idea!

We wanted to ask you guys so that we can make use of the vast wisdom out there and have a reader-sourced tip section.

If we use your tip we will of course attribute it to you.

Your tip can be a single one or a mini series of quick fire things. Please try and think of something new or surprising or unconventional or just something that you know hasn't appeared in every fitness mag since the dawn of the printing press. Leave your comments below.