Commuters encouraged to Run2work

In a bid to encourage one million people to get active and running by 2020, on Thursday, 5 June, commuters all over the country are being encouraged to ditch public transport, leave the car keys at home and run2work.

Olympic hurdler and the double European 400m indoor champion Perri Shakes Drayton said, “Everyone should run to work. It’s an easy way to get daily exercise, makes you feel good and will improve your fitness. Start off gentle and gradually up the tempo and distance. I love running in London and it gives me a buzz, especially when the weather’s dry or sunny.”

Boris Johnson added: “I’m very happy to lend my support to any mass endeavour that takes the strain off public transport and is good for Londoners’ health. So lace up those trainers and get the cash equivalent of a modest tube at the ready for donation”.

run2work also aims to convince employers to install more shower facilities, councils to ensure paths are well lit and pavements well kept, brands to develop the best equipment for people running to work, and for the costs of running to work to achieve the same tax-free status as Cycling to Work.

Having analysed 57,000 routes between London’s train stations, run2work have developed a free route planner, which estimates how long it will take runners to get to any destination at a slow jog, medium or faster pace.

Visit for details and follow the hashtag #run2workday on Twitter to participate in the scheme.