Jamie McDonald completes 5,000 mile year-long run across Canada

British fundraising adventurer, Jamie McDonald has become the first solo runner to make it from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean across Canada. After 275 days and 5000 miles, he finally hit his destination on Monday.

Since setting off on his voyage last March, Jamie has survived –40 degrees celcius through the Canadian winter, slept rough, battled injury - including one which meant he has to transfer his worldly possessions from his back to a 60kg pushchair, and worn down 13 pairs of trainers.

The epic adventure has all been in the name of charity and he has raised over $200,000 for children’s charities in the UK and Canada. As a child, Jamie suffered from a debilitating immune deficiency, epilepsy and a rare spinal condition called syringomyelia that had him in and out of hospital until the age of nine and as such, wished to give back to the hospitals that treated him whilst also supporting new ones in Canada. The funds raised have been donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and the Pied Piper Appeal, which supports Gloucestershire Royal Hospital as well as Canadian charities along the way.

You can see Jamie’s euphoric response in the video above, but on completion he has said:

“I have worked for so long and given this run everything I have, physically and mentally, that to finally dip my hand into the Pacific Ocean eleven months and more than 200 marathons after doing the same thing in the Atlantic Ocean is just incredible. I feel a real mix of emotions. I’m ecstatic that I have finished. I’m honoured to have met so many amazing people in what is truly a beautiful country. I’m humbled by the support people in the UK and Canada have given me. I’m hopeful that my run has and will inspire people to know that we can do whatever we put our mind to. And, of course, I’m sad that it’s over as it’s been such a big part of my life and I’m uncertain about what happens next.”

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