London Marathoner from Sierra Leone still missing

Mami Konneh Lahun, who was the 20th woman to finish the London Marathon on Sunday, did not fly home to Sierra Leone on Monday as scheduled, the BBC reports.  And in a confusing and contradictory series of events, the Metropolitan Police in London, who earlier stated she had returned to a residence where was staying in the borough of Greenwich, now acknowledge they do not know where Lahun is.

Lahun was not listed as an elite runner for Sunday’s race, but she finished in 2:46:20. She is her country’s women’s record holder for 5000 and 10,000 meters and has won a marathon in Liberia, another West African nation.

She arrived in the United Kingdom on April 7 and was given a six-month “sportsperson visit” visa. But after newspaper reports indicated that Lahun had not returned to Greenwich on Sunday after the race, the police released a statement Monday claiming she’s been found and was “safe and well.” Subsequently, that statement was retracted. “We were given incorrect information, she is still missing,” a police spokesperson commented.

Police have indicated Lahun has no known ties to the United Kingdom and is not thought to have a mobile phone with her.