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Timex has been supporting runners’ needs for over 25 years and the Marathon GPS is the latest whip-smart addition to the stable. It’s a watch for runners who are new to the marathon distance or who want to use simple but reliable technology to move their running up a level or two. If knowledge is power then all hail the Marathon GPS; it gives you instant, accurate, easy-to-understand data on how far and fast you’re running, and how hard you’re working – helping you to improve your pace judgement, get the most from your training and set you on the way to achieving more than you thought possible.

The brand new Timex Marathon GPS watch: high-tech, low-stress and one of two official timepieces of the RW Pace Team 2013

Key features include: 

  • Compact, slim, lightweight design for both men and women
  • Pace, speed and distance (current and average)
  • Fast and reliable GPS connection via SiRFstarIV
  • Calories burnt
  • Memory to store 30 workouts
  • An 8-hour battery life in GPS mode

The RW Pace Team

The Runner’s World Pace Team will be at the following spring half marathons:

Watford - February 3

Race Your Pace - Dorney Feb 16

Great North West Half - February 24

Silverstone - March 3

Brentwood - March 24

To benefit from the service, simply register for your chosen race, follow your chosen pacer and let them help you hit your target! Best of all, it’s a free service. For more details visit:

The Marathon GPS is £99.99, from Start building your Timex collection today.