Promotion: Run the Bupa Great Run Series 2013 with Diabetes UK

Diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges facing the UK today; there are 3.7 million people living with diabetes in the UK, with one more person being diagnosed every three minutes.  It is a serious condition that, if it is not managed in the correct way, can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and amputation.  

Nikki Fothergill, 38, ran the Bupa Great North Run for the third time in 2012 for Diabetes UK.  She supports the charity after experiencing the consequences of diabetes first-hand.  Nikki said: “My mum, Gloria, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes almost 30 years ago, at the age of 40, and sadly she passed away last April following complications from the condition.  

“My mum died because her blood glucose levels were extremely high.  She was having trouble managing the condition as sadly she was unable to inject herself with insulin.  I used the Bupa Great North Run to remember my mum, whilst also making more people aware of the seriousness of diabetes and the complications that can arise. I also know that running helps me to reduce my risk of developing diabetes, as it helps me to keep fit – which hopefully means my children won’t experience the devastation that having diabetes can cause.”

Diabetes UK is the nominated charity for the Bupa Great Run Series 2013, which includes the iconic Bupa Great North Run and Bupa Great South Run.  You can sign up online to be part of the Diabetes UK team at 

  • Bupa Great Manchester Run - 10k – Sunday 26 May
  • Bupa London 10k – Monday 27 May
  • Bupa Great North Run- Half marathon – Sunday 15 September
  • Bupa Great Birmingham Run - Half marathon – Sunday 20 October 
  • Bupa Great South Run -10 mile – Sunday 27 October