Review: The Isokinetic Medical Group

Knee treatment. Getty images

The Isokinetic Medical Group is an internationally recognised leader in the field of sports injury treatment. They have rehabilitation facilities in six Italian cites as well as the London centre. They are also recognised as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. 

After a colleague heard of my injury to the knee, they urged me to seek help from the Isokinetic clinic. I was hesitant, it wasn't cheap (at all) but then the first available appointment with an NHS specialist was in six weeks time and I am deeply impatient when it comes to injuries, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment that week and was seen by Dr Matthew Stride. After the initial assessment I was referred for an MRI scan at Nuada Medical the very next day and so my rehab journey began.

From the offset I felt like I was in safe hands; they were taking control of the situation and they would bring me back from injury. Dr Stride asked all the right questions and was thorough. He wasn’t just concerned with the injury but also investigating why it happened in the first place.

The biggest difference with Isokinetic over any other injury or physio treatment I have had in the past is that everything is under one umbrella, it's a complete care package. From the medical discussions with the doctor to the rehab work in the gym and pool; everyone was aware of my case and constantly updated with my progress. 

The doctor prescribes the care package following a diagnosis and the sessions are booked in based on this. In my case this involved two gym and one pool session per week. I was handed over to Alex in the gym, my physio who was in charge of my two-hour gym sessions and Matt for the pool sessions.

There is a community feel to the centre. Performing leg raises side by side someone every other evening is enough to build a bit of a bond between you and fellow injured folk. Seeing people progress from crutches to limp to mild limp to real walking is uplifting to say the least. It’s a journey.

The care and attention is un-paralleled here. I put all of my trust into Alex as he helped me with my first steps and felt endlessly grateful to him for his patience and kindness. He responded instantly to my texts at the weekend about a pain I wasn’t sure about and made me do more calf raises than I’d have liked too but mostly I felt like he cared and I think he does. 

Everything that they ask you to do has a purpose and carrying out the exercises under their supervisions means that a) you actually do 6 sets of 12 clam shells and b) you have constant feedback from experts. There were times when I questioned my Friday nights spent at rehab and whether they would really make a difference but the strength I've rediscovered in my legs is remarkable. I don’t think I’ve ever been this strong and prepared to run once again, which I will soon.

Everyone who has been part of my experience with Isokinetic clinic has played their part. From the centre director Mike Davidson to the receptionists, everyone knew what was going on with my case and my leg. The pool sessions worked wonders on my aqua jogging technique and I had my pelvis realigned and acupuncture needles used on my glutes by Leah the Osteopath. It hasn't just been the physical treatment that I am thankful for, I think most importantly it's kept me sane - and you can't put a price on that.