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The New York City Marathon...
"Given that I dislike New York and loathe marathons, I enjoyed the New York City Marathon immensely. It started well – I managed to avoid getting peed on from the upper deck of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge...."

Healthy living...
"Four days into this draconian diet and I feel as if I spent last night drinking absinthe and heroin cocktails. My head is gripped in an invisible man-trap, my tongue looks like a mink stole and I’m sweating like a whore in church."

When runners were runners
“D’yer remember Daffyd Thomas from Pontypridd?”
“Aye. I wuz out with ’im, night before t’ ’73 European Championships. Sixteen pints he put down, an’ an ’alf pint of creme de menthe in the taxi. I ’ad to carry ’im upstairs to bed. Turns out it wasn’t even ’is ’ouse. T’were ’is next door neighbours, like. To make things worse, he were sick on their cat.”
“Aye. He ran a crackin’ race next day though. Knocked three seconds of t’ Commonwealth 10,000m record, as I recall.”

Andy Blackford is the warped genius behind the last page of Runner's World magazine each month. He's written over 60 columns for Runner's World, and we're going to be uploading a fresh one every week.

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