The Urban Runner’s Survival Guide

You strap on your rucksack, take a swig of sports drink and the commute home begins. Or you hit the street-lamp bathed pavements after the kids are in bed, or drag your weary limbs from the duvet's embrace for an early morning weekend trot.

Sure, you'd rather be on a country lane or the trails of Mont Blanc, but your urban run means you're burning calories, building endurance and strength, clocking useful mileage and, if you're commuting, saving time and money.

But urban running comes with hazards above and beyond your neighbours' laissez-faire attitude to the poop scoop. With pollution, traffic, crowds and concrete, could you actually be doing yourself more harm than good? And how can you minimise the risks?

The Risk: Air Pollution (Preview)

Urban Runner: The Survival Kit (Preview)

The Risk: Obstacles and Hazards (Subscriber only)

The Risk: Carting Gear Around (Subscriber only)

The Risk: Hard Surfaces (Subscriber only)

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