Video promotion: Puma’s new Mobium Elite

Running may be one of the most natural activities in the world, but that’s not to say science can’t improve it. Rooted in anatomy and inspired by nature, Puma’s Nature of Performance collection makes routine runs feel fresh again, inspiring you to get out and train more often.

Puma understands that from elite to recreational, experienced to beginner, we’re all performance runners and its new kit feels exciting, different and responsive to the effort you put in, whatever your level. Take the Mobium Elite. Forget what you know about stability, neutral and minimalist shoes, this falls into a whole new ‘adaptive running’ category, built upon the biomechanics of your foot. Its three key innovations – the Windlass Chassis, Mobium Band and Expansion Pods – work together to move your foot through the gait cycle and encourage a natural, midfoot strike that makes you a more efficient runner.

01) The Windlass Chassis is a sculpted arch that unites the upper and outsole, changing in length, height and proportion to your foot’s natural movement for a truly adaptive stride.

02) The Mobium Band runs in a figure of eight through the outsole. It’s inspired by your foot’s tendons: the more force applied through running, the more spring it returns.

03) Expansion Pods on the outsole mirror your foot’s own bones and pads. They expand and contract like a cat’s paws to deliver cushioning, protection.

Tried & Tested
Three runners put the Mobium Elite through its paces. See the video above to see what they thought...

Susan Partridge, 33, Team GB marathon runner
‘These are so lightweight and comfy, and have a surprising amount of cushioning. They could definitely take some mileage. But where you really feel the benefit is at speed. They’re so flexible, it feels like they’re moving with me and adapting to my gait.’ Watch the video to see Susan trying out the Mobium:

Justin Bowyer, 42, writer from Oxfordshire
‘I like the sleek, unpretentious style of these shoes. They’re well supported through the arch, have a generous achilles notch and only a slight heel/forefoot differential – ideal for someone keen to transition to midfoot running.’

Rory Ferguson, 34, theatre engineer from London
‘Light and minimal, these are immediately comfortable to run in, with breathable, supportive uppers and a good range of movement around the ankle. I’ll use them as my main road-running and track shoe, and for racing 5Ks and 10Ks.’

The Mobium Elite is available to buy for £85 at and also at Sweatshop, Trump Street, London EC2V from March.