Weekday Winners 2012

Runner's World Weekday Winners

Our Weekday Winners promotion is back for a third year, which means only one thing:
September on runnersworld.co.uk will be packed with fantastic competitions.

Whether you're itching for a pair of the latest running shoes, the best nutrition products or a top-of-the-range GPS watch we've got a brilliant range of prizes waiting for you.


We'll unveil a new brand - and new prizes - every weekday in September. Each competition will be open for one day and one day only - so keep checking the runnersworld.co.uk homepage to be in with a chance of winning.

We'll be sending out reminders via our newsletters and home page, so keep your eyes peeled!

September 2012: Click a logo below to get started.
Run Breeze Competition Saucony Competition Fit Brands competition City of Salford competition Salomon competition
Mizuno competition Skechers Gobionic competition Striders Edge competition Millet Sports competition
Timex competition Thoosa competition Hilly competition 1000 Mile competition New Zealand Honey Co. competition
Timex competition Xempo competition Ashmei competition Perl Izumi competition Garmin competition