Fuel On The Move

Lucozade Sport

£10.80 for 12 bottles
Carbs per 500ml: 32g

“Contains all the major nutrients you need,” says coach Chris Husbands. “Better for longer events – half-marathon and above. Raspberry is actually nicer than standard orange.”

Contact: lucozadeshop.com

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£8.50 for 500g
Carbs per 500ml: 47g

The use of fructose rather than glucose places less pressure on the stomach, so can be used at a higher concentration to get as much energy into your muscles as possible.

Contact: scienceinsport.com

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£3 for 4
Carbs per 500ml: 30g

The six per cent carbohydrate solution in this drink was found by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition to be the optimal percentage to speed fluid and energy into your body during exercise.

Contact: gatorade.co.uk

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£24.50 for 32 servings
Carbs per 29g scoop: 25g

Contains long-chain, complex sugars for a steady energy release. "Avoid drinks with corn syrup," says coach Nick Mitchell. "This is fast-action, so causes too rapid a blood-sugar high and subsequent crash."

Contact: hammernut.co.uk

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SIS Go Gel

£30 for 30 sachets
Carbs per 60ml sachet: 22g

"Packs in vital water, maltodextrin, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate and citric acid into palm-sized sachets," says Husbands. "I find this really easy to swallow quickly."

Contact: scienceinsport.com

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Powerbar Gel

£1.25 each
Carbs per 41g sachet: 27g

"Concentrated carbs in one very quick and convenient hit," says Mitchell. "Take with sufficient water though, or it can leave a mass of sugary gel sat in your intestines."

Contact: triuk.com

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Overstims Energix

£16 for 10 sachets
Carbs per 25g tube: 19g

Provides three layers of energy to instantly stabilise your blood-sugar levels, and then mimic the ongoing boost of a bar. Tube packaging allows you to squeeze it in with one hand.

Contact: overstims.com

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Lucozade Sport Gel

£21.38 for 24 sachets
Carbs per 45g sachet: 30.6g

One of the most widely available gels on the market so easier to get hold of. "You still need to use these regularly on long runs. Change at the last minute risks them not 'agreeing' with you," says Husbands.

Contact: lucozadeshop.com

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CNP Pro Flapjacks

£15 for 24
Carbs per 75g bar: 37.4g

Gives you 37.4g of carbs and 18.8g of protein. "A little protein reduces the glycaemic response to give you a slow steady energy release," says sports nutritionist Anita Bean.

Contact: cnpprofessional.co.uk

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PowerBar Energize

£1.35 each
Carbs per 55g bar: 39g

Only 3g of fat with extra sodium: ideal for hot days. "The variety of flavours allows you to find one that you can manage on the run," says conditioning expert Scott H Mendelson (infinityfitness.co.uk).

Contact: triuk.com

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EAS Myoplex

£18.60 for 12
Carbs per 50g bar: 23g

Not just for body builders. Whey protein prevents unnecessary stiffness in your muscles during longer endurance events, keeping you going and able to walk the next day.

Contact: shopeas.co.uk

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High 5

£24.53 for 25
Carbs per 60g bar: 43g

"Energy comes from fructose-glucose syrup, rice flour, oat flakes, fructose, sugar and fruit," says Husbands. "Anything with fruit is preferable to chocolate-covered alternatives."

Contact: wiggle.co.uk

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Powerbar Ride Shots

£25.50 for 16
Carbs per 60g packet: 45g

"The caffeine in these is a mental stimulant and that's the important thing," says coach Nick Anderson. "That fuzzy-headedness when you're working hard in an endurance event is horrible."

Contact: thefeedstation.com

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Lucozade Sport Tablet

£12.96 for 24 packets
Carbs per 50g packet: 44g

These convenient, easy-to-use glucose tablets are a concentrated source of carbohydrate and provide you with a little boost. Put them in your gym bag for before and after the race.

Contact: lucozadeshop.com

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Sport Beans

£34.80 for 24 packets
Carbs per 28g packet: 25g

"My personal favourite," says Husbands. "They'll kick in after 15-20 minutes, won't cause stomach cramps and are probably the easiest thing to actually eat."

Contact:  jellybelly-uk.com

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Jelly Babies

Approx £1.39 for a small bag
Carbs per 25g handful: 19.8g

Because after 25 miles you deserve it. "Not the best nutritionally," says Mitchell. "But if you've only got about 15-20 minutes left then they will give you what you need to finish."

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