Manna Bread

"This recipe takes time but rewards patience," says pastry chef Gesine Bullock-Prado. "It's all whole foods that pack nutritional punch and guarantee a carbo load with staying power."

Serves: Makes 4 loaves

  • 325g organic wheat berries
  • 480ml spring or filtered water (120ml water for each loaf)
  • Sea salt
  • 100g organic white chia seeds (divided into 25g servings for each loaf)
  • 100g raw, unsalted sunflower seeds (divided into 25g servings for each loaf)

1 Drain the berries in a very large, fine sieve. Keep the wheat berries in the sieve. Keep the sieve suspended over the sink for the duration of the process.

Soak a clean kitchen towel completely. Rinse the berries, and wrap the moist towel around the sieve so that it covers the sieve and berries entirely. The kitchen towel serves an important function; it covers the surface area of the exposed wheat berries, keeping them from drying out and locking in the moisture while still allowing excess water to drain. This keeps any bacteria from clinging to the sprouts. Keep rinsing and recovering the berries with the towel every few hours, making sure the towel stays moist. Do this until the berries sprout. This can take a day or two. You want the sprouts to be as long, if not a little longer, the than wheat berry itself. Too long, and the bread will take on a distinctly grassy flavor.

3 Working in batches, place a quarter of the sprouted wheat berries into a food processor. Grind the berries until a uniform mass forms. With the machine running, add 120ml water, a hearty pinch of salt, and one 25g serving each of the chia seeds and sunflower seeds.

4 Wet your hands and transfer the sticky dough to a baking tray lined with parchment paper and sprayed with oil. Form the dough into a loose loaf. Do this 3 more times to form the remaining loaves.

5 Bake the bread at 225°F /110C/Gas mark 1/4 for 3 hours. The crust should feel dry but not hard, and the interior of the bread should hold its shape completely but will be very moist.

Cut a slice (each loaf can be cut into six slices) and top with your favorite nut butter and fresh or dried fruits. For storage, wrap the loaves tightly in plastic wrap. Freeze the loaves you aren't going to consume immediately.

The Skinny

Calories per slice 169
Fat 6g
Carbs 23g
Protein 6g