A big thank you to the physio on mile 21.

After cramp struck at 21 miles the next five miles were going to be slow, dragging my leg along, and the weather was getting even hotter! The race was going well and everything was on target until cramp struck like a knife in my thigh; as soon as it came I came to a dead stop. The crowd cheering got me through the next half mile, where luckily a St John's Ambulance man pointed me to a physio station on the side.

The physio who attended to me wasted no time loosening my leg, arranging water and salts and then I was sent on my way with the assurance that I could make it. (A big thank you to the female physio on mile 21 - it really is amazing what that ten minutes with her did).

The crowds were brilliant, I was given drink, jelly babys, salt and a sandwich! Cramp did hit on the way to the finish line but each time the crowd just shouted me on. I got to the finish, having experienced the physical and mental questions a marathon poses, knowing that I FINISHED. And went for a curry and pint soon after!