4 strength moves to give you a faster race finish

Strength training could help you finish every race stronger, suggests new research published in Physiological Reports. For each exercise, do three sets of 10 reps, increasing the weight if necessary to keep the final reps challenging.

Barbell squat

With feet hip-width apart and a barbell on your shoulders, squat to a 90-degree bend at the knee.

Single-leg leg press

Place feet hip-width apart on the leg press. Lift one foot off to do single-legged presses. Swap sides between sets.

Hip flexion

Secure one end of a resistance band around your ankle and the other to a support at ankle height. Drive the knee to hip height, pause and return. Swap sides between sets.

Weighted calf raise

Wearing a weighted backpack, stand on a step and rise up onto the balls of both feet, pause, then lower.