Live London Triathlon Training - with Ralph Hydes

If you want to get the most out of your final few weeks of triathlon training, this section is for you. With the help of the organisers of the Michelob Ultra London Triathlon, we've found three athletes of different abilities and backgrounds competing in this year's race.

To help them achieve their targets, triathlon coach Ralph Hydes will be offering them advice and tips on the Runner's World forums. (There's more about Ralph below.)

His advice to them will work for you, too - and you're welcome to join the forum thread and ask for clarification if you don't understand something Ralph says. The aim: to help people get the most out of their final few weeks of training and to arrive on race day in their best possible shape.

(Small print: Ralph may not be able to answer questions from all comers if the thread becomes busy, so please don't be upset if he can't answer something you ask.)

Follow the progress of the forum three

Barry Arnold: Age: 31
PBs: supersprint triathlon 56.35
Targets sub 2:30 Olympic triathlon 1500m, 40k, 10k), compete in an Ironman 2007
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Dave Aitchison: Age: 28
PBs: Supersprint triathlon (400m, 20k, 5k): 54:33 Olympic triathlon: 1hr 59:10
Target: Olympic tri: 1hr 57 Top 30 at World Age Group Championships
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Natalie Creswick: Age: 25
PBs: 10K 46.34 mins
Targets: sprint distance in 1:40
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About Ralph

Ralph is a freelance personal trainer and triathlon coach. He has been involved in triathlon and duathlon for the past seven years and has competed in triathlons and duathlons both nationally and internationally. Prior to triathlon, Ralph was a keen runner and competed at all levels as a schoolboy both on the track and cross-country. Now as well as being a personal trainer Ralph trains many triathletes and has successfully helped seven novices to international age-group standard. One of his longer standing clients is Sir Rocco Forte, who has come 11th in the world triathlon championships for the Olympic distance and second for his age group in the Austria Ironman last year.

Ralph strongly believes in looking at the whole picture for each individual. He not only helps to develop their specific goals but also working with heart rate, can design training programmes to fulfil each individual’s goals whilst fitting it in with their lifestyles. Ralph also gives expert advice on equipment and nutrition.

The London Triathlon's Gold Ambassador scheme aims to recruit MD’s, CEO’s and other top businessmen and women to compete at London Triathlon. In addition to the challenge of the London Triathlon the Gold Ambassadors also pledge to raise money for the London Triathlon charities. They have Ralph as their coach and guide to help prepare them for their best performances. If you are interested in taking part in this scheme for next year, please email Ralph.