PROMO: audiobooks and running

Love running & reading?

Struggle with motivation to lace up sometimes? Find pounding the pavements a little dull when it comes to longer distance training? Music is the way lots of us wile away the hours when it comes to training, but t­­­here is another kid in town: audiobooks.

Lots of us find reading a good book something we want to do but rarely find the time – particularly if you spend your free time training for your next race. But audiobooks combine the two activities together, so you can fit in your love for running and reading.

This year Runner’s World has teamed up with, where you’ll find over 100,000 titles you can download straight to your phone. It’s easy to use, and as an Amazon company, Audible prides itself on great customer service.

Put to the test

To find out what our readers thought, we tested out Audible on the Runner’s World Research Panel*. What did they think?  

“I had never before even thought about listening to a book whilst out running or cycling, however I now find myself staying out longer to find out what happens next in the book I'm listening to,” said 27-year-old Leigh from the north west.

“It is an excellent way to enjoy your running,” agreed Martin, 44, from London. “It takes your focus from running as well as entertaining you. It is so difficult to find time for reading. With audio books you can merge the two activities together.”

Of the 226 runners who trialled Audible audiobooks:

83% told us they are likely or very likely to continue using audiobooks

81% said they were surprised me at how easy audiobooks are to download and use

78% said they are ideal to listen to when running long distances

77% told us audiobooks are something they would recommend to a friend/family runner

65% said audiobooks make running more enjoyable

57% told us that listening to an audiobook enabled them to run for longer

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*Source: Runner’s World Audible Survey, conducted by TPoll, April 2014. Based on a panel of 226 runners