Weekday advent calendar winners

Each day we get RW elves to pick a winner in our weekday advent calendar. Have you been lucky this week? Check back at the end of each week to find out.

Monday 3 December: Alan Hogg, Tyne and Wear
Tuesday 4 December: Tim Barker, Bristol
Wednesday 5 December: Emily Hutchinson, Harrogate
Thursday 6 December: Chris Denton, Londonderry
Friday 7 December: Amy Bennett, Burton on Trent

Monday 10 December: Irene Maier, London
Tuesday 11 December: Lorraine Devlin, Greenock
Wednesday 12 December: John Bullock, Reading
Thursday 13 December: Myriam Clark, Sheffield
Friday 14 December: Guy Reder, London.
Monday 17 December: Penny Hamilton, North Ayrshire
Tuesday 18 December: Colin Henney, Hollywell
Wednesday 19 December: Lee Dixon, Buckinghamshire