My VLM 2010: Deano (3:53)

The Virgin London Marathon was my first ever marathon. Previously I'd run the Bupa Great North Run and, having been hooked on the atmosphere and the fantastic sense of achievement, I set my sights on the London Marathon.

With four months of five-days-a-week training (RW's 16-week plan) under my belt, I was ready but I found myself sat in my hotel room on Sunday morning thinking of excuses to not run! I was nervous and scared of failing, but after a kick up the bum from my wife I left, walked to Charing Cross station and once surrounded by fellow runners, I felt ready.

OMG, what a day it turned out to be! One I'll remember until the day I leave this earth. You have to run it to believe it. The crowds are so loud I turned my iPod off to hear their cheers. I wasn't looking foward to the Canary Wharf section but sailed through (without hitting the wall!) and I felt like I floated along the Embankment. I finished in 3:53 (inside my four-hour target - just!) and celebrated by downing two pints in the nearest pub I could find. Roll on next year!