My VLM 2010: Flat Footed (3:59.43)

This was my fourth London Marathon. I know from experience that it is never easy to PB due to the sheer number of people running, but it is simply the best marathon for atmosphere. I had a target of sub-4:00, had put the training in and knew what I needed to do.

From the blue start it was very crowded for the first few miles but it had spaced out by the Cutty Sark.  Shortly after, I passed the RW 9:00-mile pacer, who looked like they were struggling with the crowded roads. The crowds seemed bigger (and noisier) then ever around Tower Bridge and as the day got hotter, they carried a lot of tired runners on. I reached the bottom of the Isle of Dogs - to me this felt like I had broken the back of the race and was turning for home.

It's always nice to see the Runner's World support point at Mile 17 but I couldn't stop - I was two minutes down on my time and needed to push on. I always find the loop round Canary Wharf hard but came through in a good speed and decided I needed to "up the pace" if I wanted sub-4:00.

"The last six miles is where a marathon is won" I now know what this means as i had to fight the urge to walk all the way along the Embankment, with the knowledge every step was taking me closer to the finish line.

Big Ben: I knew the finish was just around the corner and somehow managed to cover the last mile in under eight minutes to cross the line in 3:59.43. I'd done it by 17 seconds!

Will I do it again? Of course I will, it's London.