My VLM 2010: Monique (3:14.03)

It was the same old story - I'd not done quite the running I anticipated at the start of the year, so rolled up expecting to finish between 3:15 and 3.30. I also thought I ought to be able to pace myself without a watch (the real reason - it had broken) having done a few marathons before.

So I decided to stick to  7:30-minute miles and see if it would be  "crash and burn" or "actually I feel quite chipper".

As it happened I had one of the best runs (in terms of how I felt) ever and knew when I hit a good patch between Miles 17 and 21, I might have run fairly evenly.

A look online confirmed:

Finish time: 3:14.03

Halfway time: 1.27.01 (a positive split by one second!)

Sorry to go on but this has made my year! I feel like a grown up!