RW Pocket Race Guide - June

Entries have closed for...

Southend Half-Marathon, (Essex, June 13)

Blackpool Half-Marathon, (Lancs, June 20)

Stoke On Trent Marathon, (Staffs, June 20)

Most Popular Races...

Datchet 10K: New-improved course
Datchet Dash 10K at Dorney Lake, Berks, July 3

A fresh course for 2004 means more improvements for an already highly-rated race. Held alongside Dorney Lake, Windsor, the race starts at Eton College Boathouse (part of London’s Olympic bid). Pancake-flat running, coupled with an early start, means that you’ll have the afternoon to explore the sights of Windsor. Expect a 1000-strong field.

New Forest Half-Marathon, Hants, Sept 19

Although not held until September, it hasn’t stopped you entering in your hundreds. Run on roads through the New Forest and the surrounding local villages, the course is fairly flat, with a dash of undulating terrain thrown into the mix. The Samba band at the start and finish is worth turning up for in itself. If you’ve got the legs for it, why not try the Marathon?

Forumites Abing' a great time in 2003
Abingdon Marathon, Oxon, October 17

One of the last marathons on the running calendar, but over a hundred RW members have entered already. The course passes through the town, alongside the River Thames and follows a scenic route through the picturesque villages of Cothill and Shippon. Previously listed as Britain's second most popular small marathon.

Antony Powell: "One of the best marathons I've run and very friendly too. Smashing organisation and a free finishing photo!"

Other popular races include:

Birmingham Flora Light Challenge for Women 5K, (Birmingham, Sept 5) | Burnham Beeches Half-Marathon, (Bucks, Aug 15) | NSPCC Milton Keynes Half-Marathon, (Bucks, July 25)

'The Week's Most Popular' exclude closed and closing soon races.

National Highlights..

Make a dash for it at Dysart
Dysart Dash 10K Surrey, June 27

Starting and finishing close to Richmond Park, this flat 10K is divided into road and towpath running. It’s a fast 2-lap course some fine scenic sights along the River Thames. If you’re looking to run a faster time, this could be your best bet. Includes the Surrey 10K Championship.

Spans: "Great race and a great Sunday lunch was had by all, last year!"

Gary T: "I forgot to enter last year and tried on the day. It was full and we were turned away. Get in early."

Blackpool 10K, Lancs, July 11

Ever wanted to run a 10K barefoot? Well here’s your best chance, from the organisers of the Blackpool Marathon - Starting halfway between the North and Central piers, the out-and-back course runs straight along the beach towards South Pier, before heading back. If you enjoyed the opening to Chariots of Fire, then this is a must-do.

Wycombe Half-Marathon, Bucks, July 11

After the initial mile uphill, the race drops down into the local villages for some fine scenic country running. It’s not too undulating thereafter. From listening to your feedback from last year, the organisers have increased the amount of water stations along the route.

Flying Scotsman: "Did it last year for the first time and really enjoyed the small, friendly atmosphere."