RW’s 2-Week 10K Schedule, 3-4 Days Per Week

Two weeks put you in a sort of no man’s land – you can’t improve a great deal in such a short time, but you can do some useful sessions to prepare for the race. If you’re a relative newcomer, it should allow you to learn to run with a degree of efficiency and economy. Regular runners can use the fortnight to fine-tune their existing fitness and practice running at 10K pace.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Rest 2M warm-up, then 5-6 x 3 mins with 2-min recoveries, then 2M cool-down Rest Rest or 40-45 min fartlek with plenty of variety Rest 2M easy; then either 2M fast or 6 x 400m with 90-sec recoveries; then 2M easy 70-75 mins easy
Week 2 Rest 2M warm-up, then 5-6 x 2 mins with 90-sec recoveries, then 2M cool-down Rest 2M easy then 1M fast Rest Rest or 4M easy with a few strides RACE