RW’s 4-Week 10K Schedule, 5 Days Per Week

Four weeks is long enough to improve your fitness and put a little edge of speed in your legs. There are three schedule options here: one for runners who can spare three days a week to train; one for five days a week; and one for six or seven days a week. Each option loosely relates to a range of target 10K times, and these are shown at the top of each schedule. The most basic option does assume you’re already running a minimum of three times and 16-20 miles a week, so if you’ve never run before but you’re committed to running a 10K in four weeks’ time you’d be best to simply focus on building up the length of your runs rather than following the more speed-orientated structure of these schedules.

Two key things to remember:

  1. The sessions aren’t set in stone. Be flexible with speeds and distances where you need to, especially if you start to feel tired all the time.
  2. Feel free to change the order of the sessions to fit in with your daily schedule. Just be sure to follow the basic principle of not scheduling hard sessions back-to-back.

(Approx 40- to 50-minute 10K)
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Rest 2.5M warm-up, then 6 x 600m or 2 mins, with 400m or 2-3 min jog recoveries, then 2.5M cool-down 6M easy, inc 8 - 10 x 100m strides 3-4M fast but controlled Rest 6-8M easy, inc hills 6-7M easy
Week 2 Rest 2-2.5M warm-up, then 5 x 800m or 3 mins, with 400m or 2.5-min recoveries, then 2-2.5M cool-down 5-7M easy, inc 8-12 strides 2M easy, 2M fast, 2M easy Rest 6-8M fartlek, emphasis on pyramid efforts 7-8M easy
Week 3 Rest 2-2.5M warm-up, then 5 x 1000m or 3.5-4 mins, with 400m or 4-min recoveries, then 2-2.5M cool-down Rest 6-8M steady, inc hills Rest 2M easy, 1M fast, 1M easy, 1.5M fast, 2M easy 8-9M easy
Week 4 Rest 2-2.5M warm-up, then 4 x 800m or 3 mins, with 400m or 4-min recoveries, then 2.5M cool-down 5-7M easy 6M steady Rest 3-5M easy, inc a few strides RACE