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No looking back!

Welcome to the Runner's World race-week index. Whether you've been training for this all year, or you've just entered tomorrow's race after a drunken bet last night, we're here to do you proud.

Frankly, the final week is a time to take it easy. Stay supple, sleep lots, and if it's a long race, bias your food towards carbohydrates and away from fats.

The same level-headedness goes for race day. The more you plan - from what time you'll get up, to how fast you'll run your first miles - the more in control you'll feel. And the more in control you feel, the more you can make use of your ability, great or small.

These articles should help:

The basics

No matter how often we repeat them, runners will ignore the simple rules of racing - and then wonder what happened to all that training they put in. See the eight keys to race-day here.


Then you need Ed Eyestone's guide to shaking off your opponents with a well-timed break

Essential for marathoners...

The complete guide to getting on top of any marathon situation - for RW magazine subscribers:

Go well!

We'll be right there behind you!