Brilliant Brownlees Shine in London

Alistair Brownlee picks up Team GB's 19th medal of the London Games

Massive crowds lined the run leg of the men's triathlon

On a magical morning in London, two brothers set out to fulfill their dreams of gold. If you think this sounds like the start of a fairy tale, you'd be right because less than two hours later, big brother Alistair Brownlee crossed the finish line of the London 2012 Olympic Triathlon to claim gold, Britain's first ever triathlon medal. 

Spain's brilliant Javier Gomez, the Brownlees' biggest rival, simply couldn't handle the blistering pace set by Alistair and finished 11 seconds back to win silver. But in the real fairy-tale ending of the day, younger brother Jonny Brownlee claimed bronze, a massive achievement after incurring a 15-second time penalty for mounting his bike too early in the first transition. 

The Brownlee's dominant performance was no surprise, but the massive crowds who gathered in and around Hyde Park were perhaps a little unexpected. Supporters stood 20-people deep the entire length of the run course, hoping to catch a glimpse of the world's best triathletes duking it out. And at big screens around the park, there were enormous cheers every time the camera panned to a grimacing Brownlee brother. Everyone agreed that Stuart Hayes, the third member of Team GB, was a hero too on the greatest day yet for British Triathlon. 

Two Olympic medals demonstrate that elite British triathletes can take on the world and win, and the thousands of people who turned up to watch are right behind them. 

Photo credit, top: Christophe Simon/AFP/GettyImages