Gear Pick: AquaSphere Seal 2.0 goggles

AquaSphere have made some improvements to their already loved Seal goggles and this month have launched the new and improved Seal 2.0.

The first thing you notice when you put these on is the almost instant seal on your face. The super-secure seal is one of the main enhancements for the 2.0, with a clear matt texture around the edge of the seal, which makes them as resilient as possible out in the open water.

The clarity through the non-scratch and anti-fog lens is a winner too, giving an upper hand to open-water swimmers sighting for that next turn buoy.

To put these to the test in a freezing UK in February we took them for a few trials in a pool, and while not necessarily made for pool swimming (the large lens size isn’t required in pool sessions) they remained tight and secure even during the solid push phase of each lap.

The large size and secure seal make these ideal goggles for open water - in race scenarios where bumps and scrapes from other swimmers can lead to googles being knocked off, the secure fit of the Aquasphere 2.0 will help keep you swimming.