Gear Pick: Finis SwimSense watch

Finis SwimSense is a swimming watch that counts laps, monitors stroke rate and stroke count, calculates SWOLF efficiency and includes the ability to upload to a personal online training plan.

Using the same technology used in Smart phones to detect movement, it senses when you get to the end of your pool to turn around so there’s no more adding up lengths in your head. With this same motion-sensing tech, your strokes are counted for speed and frequency, too.

So far so good: but what did we think when we tried it out? We were impressed. The initial quick start guide gets you going in next to no time and would be simple even for the most technologically challenged. Changing settings such as pool length is an easy too using the clear LCD menus, with easy-to-read menu options in each corner which correlate to each of the four buttons on the watch.

From the beginner who wants to remain a little more focused on their stroke and avoid fretting over what lap they’re on to the more experienced swimmer looking to set and track training goals, it’s a great little gadget for all levels.