Gear Pick of the Week: Aqua Sphere K180

Aqua Sphere K180, £19.99

Joe says: The latest goggles from swim innovators Aqua Sphere are designed to make your swim more streamlined and therefore speedier. How? Thanks to the amazing hydrodynamics, of course. The K180s are the first ever small-socket goggles to combine asymmetrical and anatomical curved lenses. This means you’ll enjoy an enhanced range of vision and slice through the water more easily.

The ultra-soft composite material that sits around your eye will ensure a watertight seal even when you dive into the pool or at the start of a triathlon, and integrated side loops and low profile buckles also create a more hydrodynamic profile than current options on the market. We found the goggles comfortable and the wraparound vision to be clear.

The goggles come with three interchangeable nose bridges so you can create the perfect fit. They’re available with clear or tinted lenses, and there’s a ladies’ version too for feminine faces.

Visit Aqua Sphere to find out more.